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Penteo’s Award Winning Stereo-to-Surround Upmixing Plugins

High Quality: Fully immersive sound with wide & discrete channel separation
Clean Upmix: No phasing introduced = no unwanted sonic artifacts
Perfect Downmix: 100% ITU perfect fold-back to stereo
Mixer Efficiency: Built in presets and DAW automation speeds your mix
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Surround Master Class

masterclass 5
5 Oscar Winning Sound Designer Steve Pederson Steve Pederson “What’s important is how Penteo keeps the integrity of the 2-track file, isolates the center channel just right, generates the interesting and isolated surround channels, and keep the bass tight. Penteo is the up-mix plugin for me when I’m mixing.” Free Class
masterclass 4
4 Ken Hahn, Co-Owner & Supervising Sound Editor Ken Hahn ”Because of the historical nature of the “Live from the Met” recordings, it is imperative that we not alter the sound when up-mixing to 5.1 surround, and that’s why we use Penteo.” Free Class
masterclass 3
3 Phil McGowan, Re-recording Mixer Phil McGowan “I call Penteo ‘Dark Magic’, because it’s always surprising what Penteo delivers when you feed it stereo material. I’m always happy with the results that Penteo gives me.” Free Class
masterclass 2
2 Steve Maslow, Re-recording Mixer Steve Maslow “For me, Penteo is a very useful tool. It really makes you look good – I wouldn’t do another film without it” Free Class
masterclass 1
1 Mike Minkler, Re-recording Mixer Mike Minkler “Penteo really shines because with literally, a click of the switch, I can take their two-channel mixes and give them great sounding 5.1” Free Class
masterclass restoration
RS Restoration Spotlight Restoration Spotlight Human Highway (Director’s Cut) – World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival Neil Young’s 1982 Film Restores Lost Sound & Dialogue using Unique Audio Techniques Free Class
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